Wire mesh fences

Wire mesh fences Wire mesh fences

We offer the most popular in Poland wire mesh fencing of the highest quality in a wide range of sizes with heights from 0.5 m to 4.0 m.
Our products comply with Polish standards and DIN standards. They are widely used in horticulture, agriculture, forestry, for fencing a property, recreational and industrial land.

We sell:
  • Galvanized and coated wire meshes
  • Fence posts (from tubes and profiles in various sizes)
  • Mounting Accessories (tension wires, tensioners, etc.)
Parameters of wire meshes
Wire diameter /
WMesh size
20x20 50x50 60x60 65x65
1,6 x
2 x
2,5 x x
2,8 x x x
3 x x x
3,5 x
4 x

Coated mesh parameters
Wire diameter /
Mesh size
50x50 60x60
2,0/3,2 x x
2,5/3,7 x x